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About Us


Quipster was founded in 2013 by three friends. What started as an experiment a few years ago, has since developed into a proper brand. Our drawings of unique, funny and odd characters laid the foundation for a label that inspires people and makes them smile. As such we have always focused on having fun and consequently work out the business practicalities “on-the-go”.


This worked well while we were playing it small: managing stands at local design markets with only a few boxes and posters. Those markets were helpful for getting to know our clients as well as receiving valuable feedback. It is also where we saw the brand’s impact on people - making them smile was always what kept us going.


While we grew, we’ve worked closer with production, constantly improved our products and the way we run Quipster as a business. Since then, quite a bit has changed. We have expanded our product range beyond t-shirts to a variety of products. They all feature our now famous Quipster characters. Since the beginning our cotton t-shirts, which are produced in Turkey by manufacturers we know well and meet with regularly, have remained our core product.


In 2014, when things weren’t looking very promising for us, we suddenly got the opportunity to open a pop-up store in our hometown Salzburg. It was just in time for Christmas and, as on so many occasions before, we just went ahead and “did it”. This is how our first store in Griesgasse came to be and in doing so we proved the sceptics wrong. The success of this venture is what allowed us to restructure Quipster into a bigger brand. It only took another year until we opened our flagship store in Salzburg’s Getreidegasse and a few months after another one in the heart of Vienna.


What started with three friends, pen and paper, some t-shirts and a small budget has since its inception evolved into a successful Austrian brand. We are proud to be unique and we are even more proud of our diverse and international team and customer base. Aside from working on new store concepts, we continuously aim to collaborate with all sorts of creatives.


And all because we love to make people smile. 


Check out #quipster and you’ll find a lot of smiles.